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Cristina Viñas has a degree in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Zaragoza in the branch of English Philology, with certification in French by the Alliance Française and the E.O.I., and a Sworn Translator and Interpreter by the German Ministry of Culture.

Cristina Viñas specializes in permanent training, advice on teaching quality (in languages and general) and mentoring for teachers and educators, mainly in Spain and Germany.

Since 1999, she is co-founder and Director of the Department of Pedagogy and Training at DADO Deutsche Akademie, as well as founder, trainer and creator of workshops and courses at HispaLing education.

She also collaborates as a trainer and motivational speaker for various entities in Zaragoza and Barcelona.

From 1992 to the present (From more to less recent):

  • Neuroeducation, Neurodidactics and Pedagogy in motion (Macmillan education; Cornelsen / Freie Universität Berlin)
  • In England with Macmillan education: Advancing learning
  • In Germany with Klett: Fortbildungen für Dozenten (The successful application of digitization in language teaching)
  • In Germany with Cornelsen: Potentiale entfalten (The development of potential)
  • In Spain, attendance at Tekman education Webinars on education
  • Mentoring: Hervé Baunard (France), Seth Gardner (England), Valerie Brown and Mark Nepo (U.S.A.)
  • Mindfulness in education: International conferences
  • Awake schools: Mindfulness training up to the degree of trainer, applied to education (Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Barcelona)
  • Deep listening: Active listening, open question (Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Barcelona)
  • Creative writing (Juan Bolea, CAI Zaragoza Foundation)
  • Theater elements in the classroom (Goethe Institut)
  • Official German language examiner up to level C2 – Telc (The European Language Certificates)
  • Positive conflict management (Volkshochschule Germany and CAI foundation in Zaragoza)
  • Great teachers (Personalized invitation to attend the Antena 3 event)
  • Teaching in a multisensory way with neurolinguistic programming techniques (Barbara Ottaviano)
  • Learning with audiovisual materials (Goethe-Institut)
  • Correct fairly and constructively (E.O.I. Barcelona)
  • Non-violent communication (Helen Adams: ACNV Marshall Rosenberg, Barcelona)
  • Training on resilience and various conferences in Spanish and French (Boris Cyrulnik)
  • Humanistic Psychology and Emotional Intelligence (Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education and Sports Sciences – Ramon Llull University)
  • Mediation and intercultural liaison (Sprachen- u. Dolmetscher-Institut München Germany)
  • Learn to learn and mnemonic techniques (Berlitz, Hannover, Germany)
  • Rhetoric and oratory (Volkshochschule Augsburg, Germany)
  • Work methodology and time management (Volkshochschule Hannover, Germany)
  • Direct language teaching method (Berlitz, Hannover and Inlingua, Augsburg)
  • Superlearning method and suggestopedia (Lernwelt, Hannover, Germany)
  • Fundamentals of ethical marketing and its application (H, T, P, München)

She began studying languages at an early age in response to his vocation to successfully teach and help understanding between people and cultures.

From 1990 to 1999, she has combined her studies and research with working as a translator and interpreter of Spanish, French, English and German for entities such as the OECD and CNR, and as a language coach for schools and educational centers in England, Germany and the University of Zaragoza.

Subsequently, she has continued to expand her training as an educational, pedagogical and motivational advisor, linguistic-intercultural mediator, teacher coach, teacher trainer and personal mentor.


Martin Gerß holds a degree in engineering from the University of Hanover and a postgraduate degree in project management from The George Washington University. He is an official examiner and advisor to companies, schools and students in Spanish, English and German.

Since 2004, Martin Gerß has been Director of DADO HispaLing and is responsible for the coordination, organization and management of all courses.

His vocation is to support the team and the students with the aim of contributing to the satisfaction of all.


Berta Puig has a degree in Hispanic Philology and in Education Sciences, as well as being a specialist in Comparative Linguistics and a trainer for the D.E.L.E. exams. She has also taken postgraduate courses in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and for specific purposes such as Business Spanish. Her knowledge of other cultures and languages, such as French, English or Polish, favours a satisfactory learning for the students, regardless of their origin.

Berta Puig is a coordinator at HispaLing backed by a true vocational drive, an extensive curriculum and 25 years’ experience in teaching. In addition to working as a Spanish teacher, she is a teacher trainer and student pedagogical advisor and also participates in the coordination of extra activities and webinars, both for students and teachers.


Pau Bringué is an adviser, always with a positive disposition and with a vocation for attending to students and teachers, whether organizationally, technically or linguistically, with the objective of ensuring that all courses are carried out with a high degree of quality and satisfaction for each of their participants. At the same time, he offers linguistic reinforcement to students who need additional support.

His knowledge of languages and studies allows students to choose to be communicated with in Spanish, Catalan, English, French or German, as well as to receive recommendations on the most suitable course or specific material according to the results of their level test.


Carme Galindo is coordinator of the Catalan department, and also Spanish teacher.

Her bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation together with her vocation for teaching, and her additional knowledge of training and languages, such as German, English and Italian allow her to understand and keep in mind the multiple intelligences and different ways of learning, as well as the linguistic needs of each student. In this way, she makes it easier for students to learn to communicate as soon as possible, while enjoying the process.


Verónica Adell deals with Customer Service in HispaLing, offering both information and assistance to students, whether administrative or technical, in the Spanish, Catalan or English languages. She also takes care of ensuring that the students who come to the center or are learning Online are well taken care of in everything they need.

Veronica brings her creativity to the team as a writer and communicator, a passion that led her to study the degree in Audiovisual Communication. She iso also part of the linguistic coaching team that shows the city of Barcelona to students while learning the language in the form of a walking class.

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Philosophy of the team

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