Learning vocabulary is useful but it is no guarantee for successful communication with the interlocutor, since a positive intercultural dialogue requires more than just translating from one language to another literally.

To communicate successfully, it is important to know what is valued in each culture and what is not, which are the most appreciated forms of communication, which expressions are most common in each context and which is the intonation and pronunciation that will allow you to be understood easily. All these factors are taken into account in our classes, because in addition to being teachers we are facilitators.

In this way, you will be able to learn useful expressions, every day of class, in a communicative and participative way, both at a linguistic and cultural level, which will facilitate a fluent and positive conversation.

For this reason, it is essential to receive classes from native Spanish teachers who have specialized in not only teaching their mother tongue, but also in making it easier for the students to assimilate the language in class, thanks to the immersion teaching, the pleasant experiences facilitated, based on relevant communication issues that will make you feel in a Spanish-speaking country, The mnemonic rules that help you to integrate what you have learned, the personalized follow-up that will motivate you in the learning process, the varied, entertaining and creative authentic activities that contemplate multiple intelligences, the high participation in being small groups that will allow you to develop a good communicative competence and pronunciation in class, etc.

Since 1999 we have had experience as pedagogical researchers, advisors and teachers and we are constantly training ourselves so that we are up to date with all pedagogical advances, the development of motivating and effective materials and techniques that favour practical and successful learning for all students.

We make it easy for you and we teach the easiest way to improve your grammar for a satisfactory communication.