Webinars: Students


At HispaLing we want to facilitate your learning so that it becomes a fully satisfactory experience. For this reason, we offer you these additional webinars with experts in the teaching of Spanish, as well as in the teaching of other languages and teacher training in general.


If you are registered at HispaLing, the Webinars are free for you for six months after your registration. You simply have to reserve a place a minimum of one week before the seminar at: info@hispaling.com with the subject Webinar Reservation and date.

You can also send us requests about topics you want us to deal with to the same email address.
If you are not yet a student at Deutsche Akademie, you can register up to one week before the start of the Webinar by paying 15 Euros, provided there are still places available.

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If you request it by e-mail, you will receive your certificate of attendance digitally after each Webinar, so that you can give added value to your curriculum.

Treat yourself to this time. You deserve it.