The @ecoembes Recycling  Music Orchestra is a social initiative that offers music training with recycled instruments to children in complicated situations through values such as empathy and teamwork.

This initiative is inspired by the Orchestra of Recycled Instruments of Cateura (Paraguay), which moved to Spain in 2014 to offer musical training to children with complicated situations while educating on values such as solidarity, empathy, teamwork, or discipline.

An orchestra that uses recycled instruments to soak up the strength of universal folk songs, sending a motivating message around the care of the environment and the value of second chances.

“We believe that a new world is possible, where the problem of exclusions and recycling is not a problem. We accompany them in this discovery, make them feel part of a group, that they respect each other more and that they fight for what they need. I think this is the only true formula of integration, the only one that’s really worth it,” says Victor Gil, conductor of the orchestra.

The Recycling Music Orchestra gathers the testimony of all those who feel alive through music, second chances, but above all commitment and passion. That commitment that brings us closer, elevates us and leads us to a more conscious and fairer society: “If you don’t have opportunities, it’s hard to move forward, and I think it’s the beauty of this project, that music, and in this case recycling, is an opportunity that people will welcome and enjoy, because music and art is a fundamental part of the whole development of the human being.”

For Victor Gil, it is essential to recover the creative education that the arts give for the curriculum of general education: “Everyone needs to have access to the arts. Music is the opportunity we have to dream and get excited, it’s that opportunity that brings us together beyond difference.”

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