This is your chance to communicate in Spanish in a satisfying way. You can choose the intensity and timetable that suits you better and the type of course:

No matter where you are, you will be able to enjoy our wonderful and personalized live Spanish Online classes, in small groups or tailor made. You only need an electronic device or computer with camera and activate its microphone. From there on, as soon as you are inscribed, you will receive our instructions and secret code for your Online classes and also the access to interactive and interesting material that you can keep enjoying until the next lesson with your teacher: videos, exercices, readings, projects, phonetics, news, songs…You can choose. Our methodology in immersion will facilitate that you will begin to understand and communicate very soon. We are specialized in ensuring that everyone learns satisfactorily. Additionally, we have a free advisory service for you, no matter if you need technical or pedagogical service. Your interests matter us too. We will combine our practical and professional classes with your personal needs, so that your Spanish lesson will be a present for you every time and enriches your present at the same time. Seize this opportunity. You surely deserve this present. And if you feel like it, you can later on enjoy our “walking lessons” in Barcelona or Zaragoza live or even come to our school and keep learning there or just meet your Online teacher or a language coach for a cup of coffee (solo, cortado o con leche ;) or a Spanish wine and a tapa (copa de vino con tapa).  We can even organize a cooking workshop in Spanish in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Baarcelona for you, a walking class showing you Barcelona or Zaragoza… about that? As soon as you enrol, you will also enjoy the possibility to assist additionally during six months to our live webinars about different and interesting topics just for free!

Take a look at our interesting offer in this web:  And if you feel like learning German in a similar way: communicative and effective in a personalized way, we recommend you this school:

Since we are experienced in teaching Spanish up to the highest level and in ongoing pedagogical training since 1999, we also train teachers from any country to teach Spanish better, so that they and their pupils enjoy a more active, effective, communicative, motivating and satisfying classes. They can also come to our live face-to-face workshops for trainers and educators in Zaragoza and Barcelona or ask for a personalized mentoring of 4 or 12 hours, in order to achieve a higher professional and personal satisfcation too.

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