“And I think I’ve said it all. And that I’ve loved everything.” GLORIA FUERTES (Epitaph)

“Before counting syllables, poets have to tell what happens.”

“A child with a book of poetry in his hands will never have a gun between them.

“Love needs humor and love humor” GLORIA FUERTES


Birth date: 1917-1998

Place of birth: Madrid

Writer of children’s and youth literature, Spanish poet included in the “Generation of 50”. Her poetic work was reinforced by her collaborations in children’s and youth programs.

Publication of stories, comics, poetry for children, children’s plays and poems. She received multiple awards. In her poetry she defended equality, pacifism and the environment.
In 1950 she organized the first Traveling Children’s Library in small towns, taking books where they did not arrive because of lack of money or then still existing illiteracy.
She also offered with a group readings and recitals in Cafés and bars.
Later, she collaborated with children’s programs.

She was a poor, dreamy child. Her mother was a seamstress and her father a doorman. She invented friends she didn’t have, and very soon, she started writing verses and, in this case,, she had hundreds. She created amazing images and her words sprouted as if it were music. She wanted to give away much of her work to the children. Her work was so spontaneous and daring that it remains still present today and many children keep learning some of her rhymes in schools. Her vitality and energy were contagious.

She wrote about herself:
Gloria Fuertes was born in Madrid
when she was two days old,
because her birth was very laborious,
since her mother almost died giving birth to her.
By the age of three, she could read
and by six already knew her duties.
She was good and thin,
tall and a little sick.
When I was nine, I got caught by a car,
At fourteen I was caught in the war;
at fifteen my mother died,
She left when I needed her at most…”

Gloria sees herself as a resilient person who finds in reading a safe place.
She was very clear about her destiny as a writer and tried to get her sorrows edited..
Her first poem was published at the age of fourteen: “Childhood, Youth, Old Age”.

After working in a factory, she began working in the children’s magazine Maravillas where she published weekly stories, comics, and poetry for children and then in the magazine Chicas, where she published humorous tales.

She also taught in the U.S. and at her return, she gave Spanish lessons for Americans, among many other contributions.

Her legacy remains in place today.

Gloria Fuertes, a woman apparently of great coherence between thought and action.


Poesía de Gloria Fuertes