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Because your time is precious, enjoy learning Spanish with experts

Start date:
October 2021

Courses of 1 or 2 days per week

All levels

Cursos presenciales de español para adultos
Clases de español para adultos

Group course for adults

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Telephone: +34 876 010 016
Email: info@hispaling.com
  • The course includes the following:
  • One school year from October 2020 to June 2021
  • A minimum of 64 or 128 teaching units are guaranteed per school year
  • Active classes led by experienced native licensed faculty
  • Personalized monitoring and inclusion of students’ interests
  • Preparation for official exams of international recognition
  • Information on cultural activities and intercultural tools
  • Consultation by phone or via e-mail of matter seen
  • Free library-media library service and typical celebrations
  • Grupos reducidos: aprendizaje personalizado y gran participación oral

Individual or dual course

Secure your favourite schedule
  • The course includes the following:
  • 12 individual sessions of 50 minutes with specialized native teacher
  • 30 sessions of 45 minutes of individual personal work
  • Written level test
  • First information contact
  • Varied, modern, entertaining and effective teaching material
  • Guided exercises and correction
  • Dynamic activities at your own pace: videos, audios, readings, learning games, phonetics, language and cultural projects, etc.
  • Personalized consultation service
  • Possibility of attending, additionally, our exclusive Webinars for six months from the date of the beginning of the classes

Good learning

requires starting at the right level

If you have any questions about the course that best suits you or any other issues,

you can contact us and we will advise you personally.


Enjoy learning to communicate in Spanish with experts