Hispaling undertakes to refund the course fee if the course does not take place, unless the student agrees to the proposed course change.

Hispaling is not responsible for the quality of the Internet connection, which is dependent on external factors, but will seek solutions if any lessons are hindered.

To participate in a course at Hispaling, it is essential that both teachers and students are treated with respect. If this is not the case, Hispaling reserves the right to silence and turn off the camera of the student in question.

Although the student will receive support as a method of helping, passing the course depends on the student’s performance, attendance, participation and completion of the personal work necessary for the student’s satisfaction. In this case, the student will receive a certificate of completion of the course once he or she has finished with his or her attendance and final grade. If you want an internationally recognized degree, you must register within the deadline for the official examination and pass it.

The students have the guarantee that they will receive the online classes offered in the contracted course, as well as the guarantee of receiving the corresponding online material for their personal work. In the event of any difficulty or query, students may receive an answer either by e-mail or directly by telephone during the established timetable.