Spanish: Vocabulary and expressions

3 10, 2020

Seize the opportunity to enjoy learning to beautifully communicate in Spanish! Special offer until the 10th of October!

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This is your chance to learn to communicate in Spanish Online live in a satisfying way, in small groups or at your pace. You will have the impression you are on holidays in the sun; at the same time you will enjoy learning a lot. Thanks to our native teachers, their high qualification and experience to teach coaching every student, no matter your age, you will see and celebrate, how soon you begin to understand and communicate in Spanish no matter where you are. You deserve this present! :) for example: Spanish for travelling. Enjoy additionally our Webinars, free for you as soon as you enrol :)

31 08, 2020

What does it mean to communicate successfully in a language, such as Spanish for example?

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Learning vocabulary is useful but it is no guarantee for successful communication with the interlocutor, since a positive intercultural dialogue requires more than just translating from one language to another literally. To communicate successfully, it is important to know what is valued in each culture and what is not, which are the most appreciated forms of communication, which expressions are most common in each context and which is the intonation and pronunciation that will allow you to be understood easily. All these factors are taken into account in our classes, because in addition to being teachers we are facilitators. [...]

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