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3 10, 2020

Seize the opportunity to enjoy learning to beautifully communicate in Spanish! Special offer until the 10th of October!

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This is your chance to learn to communicate in Spanish Online live in a satisfying way, in small groups or at your pace. You will have the impression you are on holidays in the sun; at the same time you will enjoy learning a lot. Thanks to our native teachers, their high qualification and experience to teach coaching every student, no matter your age, you will see and celebrate, how soon you begin to understand and communicate in Spanish no matter where you are. You deserve this present! :) for example: Spanish for travelling. Enjoy additionally our Webinars, free for you as soon as you enrol :)

11 09, 2020

Luis Guitarra: Everything’s going to be all right

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In HispaLing we are aware that a fantastic way to deepen your knowledge of languages is learning songs. We will offer you a selection as varied as possible so that we ensure that you find music that you like. We wanted to start this section with a song that symbolizes very well our desire for all of you: That everything goes well and you continue to live with enthusiasm and focused on gratitude as much as possible, despite the current difficulties. It is about the song: Everything is going to be all right composed by singer-songwriter LUIS GUITARRA Luis Guitar is known for his altruistic and generous spirit at the service of the most disadvantaged and for the creation of the non-profit association: Like you, like me.. This association is made up of people who try to make their daily life, work and occupations so that other people with diverse problems (social, economic, cultural, etc.) have the possibility of succeeding and living with the dignity that every human being deserves.

11 09, 2020

VICTOR GIL and the Recycling Music Orchestra @ecoembes

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We are all aware of how valuable language is. Therefore, learning languages is undoubtedly an enrichment at many levels. Today we will talk about that universal language that is music and the importance it can have in our lives. It generates and awakens emotions, helps us to excel life and celebrations, to communicate without words and sometimes also to help people enjoy sharing and cooperating, finding a place in the world and overcoming together difficulties. In this case, we are talking about a noble project that combines all this withrecycled instruments. By the way, if you enter Learn Together BBVA you will find many inspiring stories as well as inspiring people.

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