Inspiring stories, inspiring people

23 11, 2020

VICTOR GIL and the Recycling Music Orchestra @ecoembes

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We are all aware of how valuable language is. Therefore, learning languages is undoubtedly an enrichment at many levels. Today we will talk about that universal language that is music and the importance it can have in our lives. It generates and awakens emotions, helps us to excel life and celebrations, to communicate without words and sometimes also to help people enjoy sharing and cooperating, finding a place in the world and overcoming together difficulties. In this case, we are talking about a noble project that combines all this withrecycled instruments. By the way, if you enter Learn Together BBVA you will find many inspiring stories as well as inspiring people.

4 09, 2020

Inspiring people, inspiring stories

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Dear friends: In this non-political section, you will find a number of characters currently known or who were long known but who still have one influence or another in the society for their work, way of being, music, books, altruism, originality, etc. It is a varied selection of people, mostly Spanish speakers, who inspire us to continue living life from its more constructive, positive, committed, and generous side or simply let us reflect on what they do or did. We will introduce you to very different people and stories so that you find inspiration and desire to explore and be amazed, regardless of the way you are and the hobbies you have. Enjoy it and share your experience in your Spanish online live class in HispaLing. We begin with Gloria Fuertes, a peculiar and esteemed writer whose children's books, poetry and rhymes have been and continue to influence the family readings of several generations still today present, although she died a long time ago.

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