Antonio Banderas is the visible face of the new campaign of the Junta de Andalucía to encourage you to visit this wonderful land, full of light, color, beauty, intensity, and life. To travel and visit Andalusia in Spain is a must.
“Now, go out and live with desire and enjoy life; with all your heart. Intensely,” notes the Malaga actor, one of the most famous outside Spain whose fame began specially by working with the well-known and internationally acclaimed film director, Pedro Almodóvar.

Banderas encourages: “We are going forward, we believe in hope, we have encouragement, courage, strength and I believe that we will know how to unite to, all together, pull forward our economy, our workers, the people who are suffering, support them; and have and create a splendid future. I’m sure we’ve all learned something out of what has happened to us. And we have to put it into practice now. Go ahead, Andalusia”.
In this endeavor, Banderas “invites us to bring out the best in oneself even in the worst moments”.

In the video Banderas shares how when he was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack, the nurse asked him:
Why do you think people say I love you with all my heart (and not with other organs?)… : The heart is not only an organ, but also the store of our feelings.
We only recover, we only really come back to life when the heart pumps back new emotions, new feelings.
Somehow today I feel like we are all coming out of a heart attack. I could tellyou that nurse was right. Being alive is not just breathing again, it’s not.
It is to re-manufacture emotions, to discover the greatest gift that life has: the people you love, the good people, walking, feeling the sun, the sea, Andalusia, your land, your art, your joy.
Now go out and live with desire and enjoy life, with all my heart, intensely.”